ThatWasJustaDream (thtwzjustadream) wrote in 1_million_words,

Friday Word Wars - Round Two!

It's Friday, and our mod Haldoor asked if I might run some Friday/Saturday Word Wars - so here is round two! We start at 9pm Eastern US and 1am GMT/UTC.

Here's how it goes: At the top of the hour I post a "GO!" - then we write for half an hour. At the end of the half hour, we declare how many words we have written. We crow and congratulate, take a minute for a breather, and it's "Go!" again for those who have time to continue on to the next round.  We'll have four rounds - ending around/just past 11pm US Eastern and 3am UTC/GMT.

We held four rounds from Noon US Eastern, and it went great! Lots of participation and wow - Words!  The total words reported so far: 7,485!  Eeeee! To think, they didn't exist before and now they do, so cool.

Below sit a banner and an icon for those who participate - and the winner of each round gets a custom banner. scribble_myname was the victor in round one, though really - everybody wins. Who will be the victor for round two? Probably not me, lol... though I did accomplish over 1,800 words earlier today! Wowza- that's almost 20% of my usual monthly total. :)

Okay -- stand by - at the top of the hour I will comment with GO!  and we will be off like a herd of writing ninjas.......

Oh, PS, say hi if you'd like, so we get some good camraderie off the top!

Tags: challenge: word race
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