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Friday Word Wars - Round One!

It's Friday, and our mod Haldoor asked if I might run some Friday Word Wars - so here is how round one went! Plus, find out about more Word Wars coming later tonight my time (overnight for some of you) ... more details inside!

If you are looking for Round Two of the Word Wars, PLEASE CLICK HERE!  We will start with a new page, and a clean slate for our comments/totals.

Here's how it goes: At the top of the hour I post a "GO!" - then we write for half an hour. At the end of the half hour, we declare how many words we have written. We crow and congratulate, take a minute for a breather, and it's "Go!" again for those who have time to continue on to the next round.

We held four rounds from Noon US Eastern, and will have another round of Word Wars starting at 9pm US Eastern on Friday, 1am Saturday GMT/UTC time!

The first round went great - lots of participation and wow - Words!  The total words reported so far: 7,485!  Eeeee! To think, they didn't exist before and now they do, so cool.

scribble_myname  looks to be our Round One victor with 2,185 words accomplished. Right at her heels were severina and asphaltcowgrrl . Our leader kaige68 had a fantabulous showing with 924 words and I came darn close to the 2k mark myself.

If others took part and want to chime in with their totals, feel free, and thanks everyone, that was really fun!  :).

Hope folks can join us later - if it's not a good time, maybe K&H would be up for us arranging Word Wars at various times/days of the week through the summer.

PS, since they're buried in the comments- here is a banner and an icon for all. Scribble, I'll get you a round one winner icon!

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