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Heads up: Word Wars on Friday!

So, Haldoor suggested I go ahead and run some Word Wars on Friday! Anyone in?

My goal for June was/is to plow through several fics I've been stuck on, and get my 'to do' list closer to clear for the summer. So with that hope in mind,  here are the times I'll be here on 6/26:

- starting at 11AM US Eastern / 15:00 UTC/GMT for @2 hours
- starting at 9PM US Eastern/ 01:00 UTC/GMT for @2 hours

If you're new, it's a simple process:  I'll post a page for our Word Wars and give you a "Go!"  - then we write for half an hour. At the end of the half hour, we declare how many words we have written. We crow and congratulate, take a minute for a breather, and it's "Go!" again for those who have time to continue on to the next round.

Everybody wins, 'cause we all get some words churning. I'll make an "I am a Word Warrior" icon for anyone who participates, and an "I'm a Word War Winner!" icon for the person who churns out the most during each two hour block.  Honor system, obviously, as with all things 1_million_words! :).  And of course it doesn't matter if your words later get edited, entirely revised or crumpled up and 86'ed -- it's really just about getting the words flowing.

Even if you can't play, feel free to drop in and give us a shout of encouragement!
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