a geek in such the wrong way (haldoor) wrote in 1_million_words,
a geek in such the wrong way

Happy Birthday, craterdweller!

WOOHOO! It's time to celebrate with another of our cool and groovy members! So come on down to the party and join me in wishing craterdweller


for the 24th! Get your creating hats on and bring your gifts to the party - link or post them in the comments to this post! Crater, track this post to see your presents arrive! ;-)

And if you need a clue for what sort of things Crater likes, here's Crater's wishlist to help you along!

For those of our members who have only recently joined who think they'd like to play in the birthday challenge, go here to sign up and get all the info! If your birthday has already passed for this year, don't despair! Feel free to offer gifts to any of the members listed that are coming up - follow the link in that post to comment about anyone you'd like to make gifts for, and next year I'll start a new 'wishlist post' for you to add your own ideas for gifts to, and we'll start the giving all over again! And please go here to offer gifts for anyone who's birthday is still to come, if you haven't checked the list for a while - there are still people with not many offers, so we could use a few more! ;-)

Crater, I hope it's your best birthday yet! ;-)
Tags: challenge: birthdays
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