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Torrid Tuesdays: Revenge Turns Hot

It's time for prompts of the potentially-pr0ny kind. Yes, it's Torrid Tuesday!

I thought I'd welcome it in this year with something that has a bit of an edge, so... your challenge is:

Write us some Revenge Sex

Options abound: Keep it simple, i.e. one character going after another, primarily to hurt somoene (to crush the feelings of his/her own other? Or maybe the target's other?). Or, add a twist - are there issues it causes beyond the cheating, i.e. seduction by a vampire turns bitey and someone gets turned, maybe?  Hmmm..... some AU possibilities here, too - like the chance to make your protagonist act very out of character?

If those are beyond your taste for the darkly manipulative, there could be a happier route to take. Like, say, a character who decides living well is the best revenge - and who finds someone to live well with. ;).

All fics welcome - from the only barely suggestive to the hot dayum!

Good luck, hope the prompt brings you words, and happy writing!
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