Starrie Wolf (starry_wolf) wrote in 1_million_words,
Starrie Wolf

Daily Count Challenge

Right, what did I do in the last 24 hours...
[A laundry list of things...]

  • Beta'ed a 19,000-word chapter; it's now posted, but since I didn't write it I don't think it counts

  • Went out with friends

  • Finished a challenge ficlet (709 words)

  • Settled some real life admin matters, paid the bills, did laundry, and went grocery shopping

  • Answered all outstanding reviews and emails

  • Signed up for two fic exchanges and finished writing both Dear Author letters

  • Formatted and posted some world-building notes for my on-going epic (2,598 words) and did some more world-building compilation

  • Compiled my phonefic so far for June (1507 words)

  • Started on my last outstanding fic exchange (147 words)

Things I should have done but didn't do: clean the house.

I'm not entirely sure what my actual word count is, since most of it was cleaning up and formatting rather than actual writing. The only thing that was definitely written from scratch in the last 24 hours is the final bullet point, and a couple hundred words of the phonefic.

I'm going to have to take myself off the repeats list; going on vacation again for a week and getting ready to move house kind of cuts into writing time for the rest of June.

Passing the baton on to bizarra now, and may the Muse(s) ever be with you!
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