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Rainy Days and Mondays: Ten prompts and a change of seasons

Turn, turn, turn, like the song says - it's time to turn the writing prompt page, and say farewell to 'Rain Days and Mondays' with one more round of angsty inspiration!

At least I hope it's inspiring! ;).

Thought I'd go with a grab-bag of one liners for this week - write us a fic that has one more more of your fictional darlings dealing with any of the following feelings. It's rainy, it's Monday, and they're thinking.....

1. This was all my fault.

2. All I can do now is scream.

3. I need to figure this out - now!

4. Is it ever going to get better?

5. How can this get any worse?

6. I don’t know how this will feel.

7. Where am I?

8. What the heck!?

9. Oh my God!

10. I can’t let this happen.

We've had some great responses to Rainy Days this spring/fall - thanks for making the prompts turn to fic, it's always so much fun to see that happen and to read them.

We are back on 6/23 with Torrid Tuesday prompts!
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