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Weekend Challenge

Hello everyone! Sorry this took me a bit!

Are you ready for this weekend challenge? Feeling a little stressed about all the challenges and things you want/have to do, too? Both?

This time I'll give you two options:
1) Finish a fic/graphic for your bingo card and link it here, or
2) Give me a number between 1-9 and you'll receive an AU prompt from me. (ETA: no worries, I have enough.)
ETA2: If you use the AU prompt, please remember to credit the original prompter (the source link) and maybe let them know you wrote their prompt. :) I'm sure they'll appreciate what you came up with :D

Once you've created something and linked it here, you can either choose to have me add words to my WIPs in your honour, or have me write something for you (which will probably take a while longer, because I haven't gotten around to finishing the reward ficlets from last time. I'm so sorry!)

For those of you who are still waiting for their reward ficlets, please feel free to check out the list of prompts I have yet to fill and adopt one you like. I'll then try to write the characters/pairings you initially requested for that prompt (unless you want to change your mind).

If I was in any way unclear, do let me know. I have a habit of not getting my point across! xD
Tags: weekend: challenge
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