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Rainy Days Prompt: One storm, Three Views....

Oh, wow... here I was feeling so good about my fic progress this last week and then it hit me... I totally spaced on your Rainy Days and Mondays prompt.

Gah. I'd love to say I have a good excuse, but mostly it's just the usual too few hours in a day, too many things on the mind. Sorry!

It dawns on me that next Monday will be our last spring/fall Rainy Days prompt! After that, it's back to Torrid Tuesdays! Woo hoo! There's just something about Torrid Tuesdays.

Okay, so refocusing- here is our prompt:

One Storm, Three Views - write us a fic with a suddenly rainy day. Show us the thoughts or interactions of three or more of your characters. Is the storm a misery to some, and a balm to others? Does it bring them together, or separate them? What happens because of the storm, or fails to happen - are lives inconvenienced? Improved? Changed forever?

Good luck!
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