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Weekend Challenge!

Hey everyone, how's your week been? Has it been as crazy as flipflop_diva's? She asked me if she could swap with someone because things haven't gone to plan for her (so send her some 'better week' vibes for next week if you can!) and I've swapped weekends with her to ease some stress.

Anyhow, it's a great excuse to use one of my brand new shiny icons (see above), and while we're there, here's a couple others I made at the time, though I kinda like the one I'm using best:

Anyway, feel free to use them if you want, but no pressure!

And now onto the challenge itself!

You have to excuse me on this one, because it's an off the cuff attempt at something, but I'm sure you guys will come up with something from the prompts, just like you always do! So I'm gonna go with music as that's the closest thing to hand. Yell out in a comment if you want a line from a lyric or a song title, and how many of each you'd like. I'll open up my iTunes and hit random, and deliver something back to you.

What you do with it is up to you, but link back here before Midnight Sunday PST and I'll reward you with either 100 words in one of my WIPs or a fun little icon. I'm sorry I can't manage drabbles and ficlets right now, but I'm already behind on too much. Give me a subject for your icon if you can - fandom or not; I'm especially fond of playing with humorous subjects, so if that works for you, it's all good. If not, I'm happy to add words to WIPs, which will give our wonderful comm more words too!

So come on down and hit me! ;-)
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