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June Bingo Cheerleading, Hand-holding, Beta-reading Volunteer Post

This post is for you to volunteer to be part of the Challenge Support System, to help make June Bingo even more successful.

If you have time/energy/interest in being part of the Challenge Support System, you are encouraged to volunteer for cheerleading, hand-holding, and/or beta-reading. Cheerleading and hand-holding will mostly consist of providing positive encouragement to creators who may be struggling. "Go can do it. What you have so far is great! Keep going!" - that sort of thing. Beta-reading is pretty self explanatory, but just in case, it's for proofreading stories that are written as part of June Bingo Challenge.

If you are interested in being part of the Challenge Support System, please copy and paste the information below into a comment. That way creators can find support more easily. If you're creating for the challenge, you are still welcome to volunteer to be part of the Support System. (I sometimes get my best ideas by talking with someone else about their stories.) You don't have to be creating for the challenge to be part of the support system.

If you are creating for June Bingo, and would like to engage with one of the volunteers, respond to their comment and then the two (or more) of you will work out your best system for contact.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks!

(In case you missed the posts, Bingo Cards are here. Bingo rules are here.)

***Please copy and past this into a comment if you would like to volunteer! Delete any parts that aren't applicable to you.***

I would like to be part of the Challenge Support System.
LiveJournal name:
My main fandoms are:
I am willing to help with these fandoms:
I would like to cheerlead/hand-hold.
I would like to beta read.
I am good at graphics and will help where needed.
I am good at writing and will help where needed.
I will also _____________________________
Tags: challenge: bingo

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