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WIP Push: End of the Month!

And here we are at the end of this month's challenge!


So, how did everyone do? Did you write words in a WIP of any sort at all? Did you complete something? Post it? Here's where you tell me how you got on, and then I can decide on banner rewards for all the participants accordingly.

So, to make it easy for myself, I've decided the easiest way is for you all to fill in this little template:

I'll go first:
WIP words: 4550
WIPs completed: Just the one, but it's long!
Link/s to posted WIPs: Not posted yet, but it will be soon!
What you're proudest of: I am so happy to have finally finished something that's been hanging around for a whole year. I'm also proud of not taking this story in what might be the expected direction at the end.
Reward: I don't need a reward because I'm running the show! :D

Now, let's hear from all of you who have played this month, and remember it doesn't matter if you finished or not. As long as you added words to a WIP, then you joined in, and that deserves recognition! THANK YOU ALL! It was fun. ;-)
Tags: challenge: wip push, creation: fic
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