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Weekend Challenge: Prompt Grab Bag - the ‘write me a quick ficlet’ edition

Happy weekend everyone! So I thought for our weekend challenge I’d try something that might help us drive some quick words to up our May total...

Just give me one number between one and ten, and select up to three of the prompt types listed below. Comment with your choices and I'll hand over the prompts!

Your challenge is to turn one or more of your prompts (use one of them solo or combine them) into a short fic or ficlets of anywhere from 100 to maybe 1,500 words each, tops. Of course if you find inspiration for something you want to go longer with later, great - but the idea is to generate anything from a completed fic to a simple scene. No 'beginning, middle, end'? No problem! If you share it here, it counts.

Your categories are:

In a World….. (AU plots)

Trope Me

Gimme a Genre


Quotes for a thousand, Alex...

Canon/Almost Canon

For rewards, let me know if you’d like a ficlet from me (if so, just give me a pairing and general idea what you’d like) or if you’d like me to put words down on a WIP for the WIP challenge and share where I got as the reward.

Hope you have a great weekend!
Tags: weekend: challenge
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