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Comment Fic Friday

Hey everyone, it's the end of another week - YAY! We made it. :D And it's a lovely long one for us Kiwis, as Monday is the public holiday called 'Queen's Birthday' over here. No, it isn't actually the Queen's birthday (ha!) but this is when we celebrate it in this part of the Commonwealth (I assume because a former king actually had it at this time of the year and it stuck).

Anyway, it's time for your favourite quick fic prompt for the fortnight! This time around I'm going with something I'm intending on being very close to VERY soon as I am currently about to collapse:


So whether it's as serious as one of your characters being in hospital in a coma after a freak accident (maybe another character suddenly realises exactly what the first means to them!), or just as silly as someone being unwakable after a drinking session or maybe they're just a heavy sleeper and can't be woken when the other person wants them for a little sexy-time, we want to hear about it!

Give us 500-1000 words - something that will fit in a comment - or 3-5 icons if you're graphically inclined - on the subject of someone so deeply asleep they need their prince to come wake them with a kiss! Any fandom (or none); any genre; no time limit. Link or post it here when you're done!

Have a great weekend, everyone! ;-)
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