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Monday Madness: Original Fic

Hello everyone! It's been a couple of months since I last posted for Original Fic, and for that I can only apologise, but here I am now, and hopefully I'll be on track for the rest of this year!

If anyone else wants to host one of our monthly posts on Original Fic, I'd be happy to have you here to share any aspect of original writing that you like. Either comment here or PM me and we'll set it up!

In the meantime, for today's post, I'm wondering: What sets you off and running with an original idea? What sort of stories and characters are you interested in writing about that push you to write your own stories rather than fanfic?

I'll see something in the news, or read/watch something in a book/on TV and think 'What if character X saw Y doing Z and then they...' or more generally, I'll respond with a 'What would happen if the world we know was changed by A happening' or 'What would a world with only B in it be like?' and then I open a document, and I'm away and laughing. As many of you know, much of what I write has a gay angle - there's plenty of straight fiction around anyway, and I'm interested in things that are slightly off the beaten track - and I adore sci-fi and fantasy, so I most often go there.

Currently, I have some older WIPs that have been long neglected, as follows:

1. Part Two of a teen coming-out series: the followup is ten years on, featuring my two main male protagonists after ten years. Summary: Jimmy feels like things haven't changed much in his life since he and Doug were separated ten years earlier, but Doug seems to have found something very different to what he - or anyone else - expected for his future.

2. A coming of age story set in a British public school, possibly set in the eighties, but not certain yet. Summary: Oscar insists he's in love with Damian though he won't push Damian more than he'll allow. Damian isn't even sure he likes boys yet, but he's drawn to Oscar and his mysterious past. The school they attend has it's share of queers and Damian can't understand why Oscar doesn't just choose someone else to fool around with. He agrees to go home with Oscar for his brother's 21st birthday where Oscar is reunited with someone who seems to hold some kind of sway over him that Damian can't quite figure out.

3. 21 year old Paul is alone on a farm in New Zealand after a fatal flu decimates the planet's population. Summary: People turn up at the farm every so often and Paul gladly welcomes them in at first. James is the teenage son of an older couple who take over running the increasingly organised community, and Paul falls for him hard. James's parents don't approve and life gets quite complicated, especially when a pair of teenage brothers and some unusual adults turn up and cause problems that almost prove Paul's undoing.

4. Teenage angst between friends, featuring an abusive relationship between an adult and a teenager, so a little dark in places; set in NZ. Summary: David discovers his friend Mark has been abused, and not just by being beaten. He's horrified, to say the least, and wants to help. What he didn't count on was that Mark is gay, and that maybe his own feelings for Mark go beyond friendship.

5. Futuristic story set 200 years after an apocalyptic event on Earth known as 'The Undoing'. Women are scarce and protected; men in the two known countries have set things up in very different ways in order to survive. Summary: A delegation from Guaya arrives in Aumethia to discuss exchanges of ideas and materials in order to progress both countries beyond the sometimes primitive methods they've both had to adopt to survive in a dry and resources-limited world. The Guayans are shocked by the liberal lifestyle they encounter, but they're not without a few surprising secrets of their own. An Aumethian expedition to find necessary minerals in wasteland outside the cities - which includes a couple of the Guayan visitors - encounters something unexpected. While this is going on, in the Aumethian women's city a girl learns about men firsthand for the first time, and dreams of a life without the pressure to reproduce, hoping that one day she'll get outside of the protected walls.

6. Vampire prostitute story set in early 1900's Britain. Summary: Bertie's a working boy of 18 when he's turned by a very foolish vampire, who promptly goes on to incinerate himself without telling Bertie anything. However, soon he's paid a visit by none other than the Keeper of London, who wants to teach Bertie more than how to find pleasure now sex is no longer his main source of satisfaction. Bertie's not about to stop letting men screw him though, and it appears he knows something the keeper doesn't.

Now, I'd love to make something of these stories, but I am a hopeless procrastinator and have issues committing to one story at a time - new ideas that pop into my head keep dragging me onwards... and even then, there's a bunch of other ideas I've wanted to write but have managed to put off by writing up a brief synopsis or else by telling myself the story in my head (never committing more than the idea to paper) and thereby fooling myself into believing I was 'done' with that particular story.

So, here's another question for you: How do you keep on the track of writing just one fic at a time so that you manage to finish it, or don't you?

I'd also love to hear about some of what you are working on, or have in your WIP folders! And on that theme - if anyone thinks any of the above WIPs seems interesting or you have ideas on what will get me back on track with any of them, I'm all ears!
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