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Weekend Challenge: Let's Play CLUE!

Hello my lovelies! I'll be your host for the weekend challenge.

This weekend, we're going to play our own version of CLUE. (For those not familiar with the game, the original version featured six people in a manor house where a murder takes place. The object of the game was to be the first player to discover who committed the murder, where it took place, and what was the weapon they used. So the answer would end up being something similar to "Colonel Mustard in the foyer with a candlestick.")

For our version of the game, I have complied a list of 30 of each of these: occupations, locations, weapons, food. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to request as many of each of these as you would like. You can ask for the occupations on lines 3, 5, 9, and 10; locations on lines 4, 6, and 11; weapons on lines 13 and 16; and food item on line 23; or any combination that suits your fancy. If you request a straight line, for instance #8, I'll give you all the prompts straight across which are (vaguely) related. (I included the food list just so you have more options available to you.)

Once you have your prompts, you can use them in any fashion you like. Make the occupation the murderer, the victim, a by-stander. It's entirely up to you. Do try to incorporate all the prompts if you ask for some of each.

So, in summary, since I always seem to make these challenges too complicated:

I have an Excel spreadsheet with 30 lines of prompts. You can ask for line #X and you'll get the ones that are vaguely related. OR you can ask for profession #X, location #Y, weapon #Z, and food #H.

Does this make sense? If not, let me know!

Go forth and create!!
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