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WIP Push: End of Week Two!

Hey everyone working on a WIP (or two!). How are you all going? I am a little behind, both on words and in getting this post up, so I need to get moving!


I set my goal at 200 words per day, and as I am sitting at the bottom of the 17th day where I live, I should have 3400 words so far, but I am only sitting on 2562, which means I need to make up a little under 900 words, as well as keep up with the rest of this month's 200 words per day, to be on track for the end of May. I must say I have managed to add 2195 other words (mostly short reward fics) to my monthly count for the comm in general, so I don't feel as bad about the lack of words on my WIP as I might.

How about all of you? Are you pleased with progress; having issues it seems hard to get around? Need help with ideas or anything else? Want some cheer-leading or perhaps you'd like to offer some support to others who are having problems? Here is where you can do any or all of those things!
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