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WIP Push: End of Week One!

I haven't done posts for the 8th or 9th for the WIP push, but instead I am posting this for the weekend.


How'd you do so far? Getting somewhere overall for the week? Have you met your daily goal every day, or overall for the week, or perhaps you're satisfied with where you're at so far anyway. Here's where you can let us know, ask for help if you need something the others can assist with (beta, prompts, ideas for somewhere you're stuck, anything else that you think will help!), or just to have a little moan or woohoo! Offer an excerpt if you like too, or just talk about what WIP you're working on!

I've managed 1197 words on it this week, which overall I'm quite pleased with, although my target was 1400. I hope to add a little more to it when I've finished with last weekend's reward fics (2 of which I've done; three to go!), so hopefully I can make up the missing target words, but I'm not gonna beat myself up if I don't because at least I've made progress!

Now, for all you H50 fans out there, here's a little excerpt of this week's words:

Steve closes his eyes and breathes deeply, savoring the musky animal smell that should seem foreign and unappealing but doesn't. He can't regret this; it feels too right. It's still good – being wrapped up in another man like this after sex – and Steve finds it hard to believe it's taken him this long to find out something about himself which seems so natural. He thinks about all the girls – women – he's been with, and although there haven't been as many as for some of his buddies, he can't feel that any of them seemed wrong, or that he wasn't attracted to them.

Perhaps he's bisexual, or is it just Brad that affects him this way? He's drawn back to that night with the other cadet – the make-out session that went on longer than it should have and that both of them laughed off later – and allows vague memories of firm flesh and stubbled skin to solidify into something visible behind his eyelids. He studies what he sees and he
knows the desire he felt that night was real; he's just never allowed himself to believe it before.

Now, how about you? *sits back to listen attentively*
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