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Are 6 dogs too many?

Preparing for June Bingo

I’d like your help with prompts for the June round of Bingo. Please comment with any short prompts (they must fit on a Bingo square) you can think of in the categories shown.

I’m planning to make 5x5 cards, 3x3 cards, and 2x2 minibingo cards.

And naturally I’m looking for volunteers to help in anyway you feel comfortable. I definitely need graphic rewarders and writing rewarders are very welcome! If anyone wants to be in charge of constructing cards, I’ll gladly accept that help as well.

I’m screening the comments so the bingo cards will be a surprise. The rules and other important Bingo details will be posted closer to June 1.

I'm editing this to add that bingo-fills can be written or graphics. I completely forgot to make that clear. Sorry!

Open those creative veins and give me your great ideas!!!

(Also, if there is a category you’d really like me to add, let me know. I’ll see what I can do!)

Addendum 1: bizarra pointed out "A lot of the Bingos are a little harder with prompts that are more writing related. Yes, we can do graphics with them, but, it's harder. :) So perhaps some cards specifically for graphics."

Excellent idea! Post your suggestions for graphic category/prompts and I'll keep track of them. These can also be filled with words but it does make sense that graphic prompts would be slightly different from word prompts.

(I'm sure I'll get other great ideas for categories and such like. I'll collect them and post those suggestions next week with an update on how it's going.)

The categories are:

Vacations/On Holiday – Some place you’d like to go, or your favorite characters would want to go. This category can also include means of travel - on a ship, on a plane; anything to do with a vacation or holiday trip like learning to surf, skiing, etc.

Hurt/Comfort – because we all love boo-boos and kissing them to make them better.

Learning/Teaching – going back to school, becoming a teacher, first day at school for someone in an unusual situation, learning a new skill like skiing, etc.

Schmoop/Love – confessions of love, unrequited love, puppy love. Anything sweet and mushy goes here

Music/Songs/Singing – let’s try this one and see what happens. Prompts can be song titles, parts of lyrics, going to a concert.

Kink – hopefully this is self explanatory. If you’re not sure, let me know!

Graphic prompts.

Thanks in advance!!!
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