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Waiting for word - what's your guess?

So I hope K&H don't mind this fandom specific post, but I've been googling for news on a certain show renewal/cancellation and wondering where everyone else's gut is on it? Care to take a guess? Share your thoughts? If you're not an H50 fan, but have another show you're sooo very happy survived or you're in mourning for, would love to hear about it, too!

My guess is it gets a season six. I hope so if only because I'd hate to see the story line with Steve's mom never get resolved (except in fanfic). I l like the character of Doris, but also have a lot of feels about what both her character and his father did that left him so compartmentalized and overly self-reliant. I'd love to see them play that out - and have his character arc really play out, too.

That said, the writing's been so all over the place that who knows if they'd even get that done right? I would hope so. And if there's an S6 I would also hope they'd pull out the stops and write some strong stuff. I was feeling good at the top of S5, but then the last few left me literally shaking my head.

What's your gut?

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