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May Challenge: WIP Push!

Hey everyone (and yes, I am spamming you! This is the last one for today, I promise!)!

Yes, it's time for the May challenge. And we're going with another WIP Push, so if you have any Works In Progress that need a little push to get done, then this is the challenge for you!

It isn't a difficult challenge in terms of what you have to do: If you need words in a WIP, or if you're making one of those wallpapers that just doesn't want to be finished... GET TO WORK!

I'm making up a few rules for those of you who want structure, but I'm just as happy for you to set your own guidelines and aim to work on your creation/s steadily through the month and report in at the end: you choose!

1. Set your daily/weekly/overall-for-the-month goal (whichever of those you like), comment here with what you hope to achieve, and get to work! I know it's already the first, but give yourself some slack (since I didn't warn you this was coming) and aim to do something for the 30 days that follow if today's already out of reach for you.

2. Each morning I'll ask how the day before went for you, and at the end of each week, you can can report in with how far you've come so far. You can also give us an excerpt of what you've done, if you want to.

3. At the end of the month, if you have completed your fic/wallpaper/set of icons/whatever and posted it, I will reward you with a shiny completion banner! If you have worked on something but not completed it or posted it, you'll get a lovely participation banner!

4. If you complete one WIP, you can carry on with another. If you want, work on more than one at a time; whatever suits you! The aim should be to complete posted words, so if that's just a chapter, a section, half of your icons due, or the whole thing, you'll have done something wonderful by adding words to the comm's tally. if you work on something and it's still not finished and nothing gets posted, it's still words, right? Use this as a start, and finish it off after the month ends. We'll still count that as participation!

How does that sound? Does it all make sense? Are you ready to start work? Then sign up here! Don't forget to tell me your targets or if you're just doing general "work on a WIP"! And please ask questions if anything isn't clear. ;-)
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