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The weekend is here!

The weekend challenge this week is brought to you by the seven deadly sins:

I have assembled 30 quotes related to either one of the above sins or just sin/s in general. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write something over 500 words, or create a series of icons, or make a banner or wallpaper, relating to that quote.

OR, should you so choose, create something using one of the sins as your theme, or ALL of them if you want to make the challenge a little more interesting for yourself.

I will reward you with a drabble of your choosing (prompt/fandom up to you from this list) or an icon from whatever fandom/general prompt you like. Anything completed and linked by midnight Sunday, EST, get s a reward! You can still link after that, but your only reward will be the words you've made!

Comment here with a number (or more than one) to get a quote, or, if you're using the sins on their own, go on and create already! Link back here when you're done. And most of all, ENJOY!
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