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regarding casting and suspension of disbelief

Hello, all!

I am in a pickle, which I really shouldn't be spending as much time thinking about as I am. But, since I'm curious (and there are more folks watching this comm than my own LJ, these days)...

I've been challenged by bizarra to create a TV show and, while it's almost entirely done before I even start, casting is an issue. I started by choosing actresses who would pass for younger versions of the characters involved, but they only look similar.

Sidebar: why is it more "acceptable" for non-American actors to play American; while Americans playing Brits, etc gets the GrrArgh? (not that everyone grumbles.. but I see a lot of it, in my circles)

But, knowing that I need to keep British characters British, I'm stuck as I don't know a lot of British actors who are younger.

And the ones I -do- know are far older than what is appropriate for the story.

So, long story short too late: For the sake of my TV show, would ~you~ 1) accept a 30-year old playing a 15-year old, simply for the sake of putting a face to the name, etc? Or would you rather see the casting closer to said ages? And, 2) accept an American who might not master the accent, simply because they could pass as a younger version of said "famous" character?

I know it's vague, but I don't want to give away the twist ahead of time, because I'm sneaky like that. ♥

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