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May Birthdays!

WOOHOO! For a change, I'm getting in early, as we have an early May birthday, and I wanted to give everyone a chance to start working on any gifts they have planned for our May contingent!

Here are the birthday people for this month, with links to their wishlists:

On the 4th May we have the lovely heffermonkey! heffermonkey's wishlist

Then, on the 18th, the always wonderful witchyemerald celebrates her big day! witchyemerald's wishlist

Exciting, but double-trouble on the 19th sees hanorganaas and mesmerising share a birthday! theladymore's wishlist and mesmerising's wishlist

And finally, to round out the whole month, the terrific tkeylasunset celebrates on the 31st! tkeylasunset's wishlist

Get creating now, have them ready on the birthday person or people's big day, and you'll see a post then for each person for you to link or add your gifts!

And if you've been thinking of playing in the birthday challenge, whether or not your birthday has been, the post to add your own wishlist is here, and the one to offer gifts to others is here - by the way there is no obligation even if you do say you'll give something; it's just so I have some idea that everyone will receive something. The second post linked here is screened so it's still a surprise for our giftees.

If you have already made offers, but would like to see if there's anyone else to give to, please revisit the posts, too - we do have some newer entries there who have yet to receive many offers. Thanks to everyone who has already pledged things - you guys are THE BEST! ♥
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