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Comment Fic Friday

And it's Friday where I am! If it hasn't reached you yet, I'm sure it will soon. Need a break from that long WIP that's been filling your brain this week? Fancy a change from your recent string of 1000+ word fics? This is your chance!

no title

This fortnight's prompt is:


So, whether it's as simple as someone completing an every-day task for someone who isn't able to do it themselves, or as big as Dr Evil taking over the world (BWAHAHAHAHA), come on down and give me 500 to 800 (ish) words on it!

And for graphics people, how about 2-3 icons on the subject?

Any fandom (or none), any genre, and there's no time limit. The only rule is: link or post your creation here. Have fun!
Tags: challenge: comment fic

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