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When they beat you when your’re down

Disclaimer: I tell you this, not for sympathy or to be cheered up, but to show that it does happen to everyone.

So I don’t know how closely you’ve been paying attention, but it has not been an exceptionally productive year for me so far. I’m at roughly 250 words per month, and when you look at having gone over 100k in 2013 I feel pretty pathetic about it. On the other hand, I do feel like I’m putting more time and work here which produces more word from all of you so I feel productive from that perspective.

I made my April 250 word yesterday, was feeling fantastic! Sharpie posted for Monday, I was touched and felt even better. P-wow was all excited about her birthday gifts and well wishes, it was a wonderful day! And then Fairy (who is wonderful all the time, and I’m so not shooting the messenger) stepped forward with a warning that a website had sent a Bot out to steal fanfiction. Sure EvilFicBot has stolen published fiction as well, but most publishing houses have lawyers that they pay to beat the crap out of EvilThievingFicBots. It leaves it to each of us to have to write to them with a “please unsteal my fic”. (Go look at Fairy’s post and go write that e-mail).

Three things have really bugged me about this:
1 – (simplyn2deep will laugh) I looked up my name and found that they had snagged one of my fics. Then I looked up H and she had a full page of fics that had been grabbed, and my competitive streak came out with Even with EvilThievingPickyFicBots I’m a loserM! Sure I looked and saw that H’s fics seemed to be randomly picked only a few chapters of multi chaptered fics, and I know in my rational brain that it’s not s sign of the quality of my work (‘Cause I’m damn sure not on par with King or Rice). But, yeah, on some level I’m insulted. It’s so strange. SO STRANGE!
2 – It was also revealed that these EvilThievingRancidPickyBots are turning these fics into malware filled PDFs. That’s right, they’ve stolen other people’s work with the purpose of infecting the world. Step right up, read some fan fic get a virus! And it all looks sanctioned by the writers! That’s right, fan fic is not only looked down on by ‘legitimate writers’ but now we seem to be on a mission to disease the world!
3 – People I know who have bleed and cried and slaved into their work; people who have taken the time to work passionately for something that brings them no money, no remuneration except the kudos and likes from their readers; people who I respect greatly are having their passion projects stolen from them and abused. And there is not anything I can do about it.

Obviously this is really discouraging my desire to write more. EvilThievingRancidPickyDispiritingBots are not cool! Clearly these things happen. CLEARLY. We just need to band together, and put it behind us. I know we are awesome, and that today will be a better day. *sigh*
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