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My fic written in large part with this comm is available FREE this week at Amazon

My LJ post on 'Manteo', including an explanation of the Prometheus Saga is HERE. Or you can just download to your Kindle app for FREE HERE.

'Manteo' follows the historical events of the second English colonization of Roanoke through the viewpoint of Manteo and the alien probe, Prometheus, up until the departure from Roanoke of Governor John White. After his leave taking, the story becomes pure speculation and allows Prometheus compassionate action, a consequence of his constantly developing humanity. It gave me a chance to write my take on why the colonists abandoned Roanoke and when, with a direction for their future provided by current real-life investigation.

Links to the other stories in the Prometheus Saga, which can be read in no particular order, are HERE

Thanks to everyone who participates in this community. Please know that even when I'm not visibly active, I greatly appreciate the camaraderie and prompts and find great motivation and inspiration in seeing everyone get words.
Tags: challenge: original fic

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