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TV Show Challenge: A Crimson Earth

I have to admit, I was really excited about this month's challenge because it was something I wanted to do last year, only I didn't have the time when this particular challenge fell in November, as it's such a busy time of year for me. When kaige68 and I drew up the schedule for 2015, we purposely put this one earlier in the year so that I could be a part of it. I hope you guys will like the show I've come up with for it! ;-)


Set approximately one hundred years from now, this sci-fi show concentrates on the relationships between the people that have been sent to begin a colony on Mars when Earth is becoming dangerously over-crowded and polluted.

After more than fifteen years in the planning, twenty people were sent on the three month journey to Mars in the Gamma spacecraft. This was essentially a giant bunker full of supplies that could reasonably be expected to last the settlers until such time as they could sustain life without direct support from Earth.

After successfully landing the craft, they expanded the structure based around that bunker, setting up air and water filtration systems, and began to establish greenhouse and hydroponic gardens, a goat and rabbit farm, as well as a manufacturing base for anything they were able to produce from materials at hand, including some base metals from the red planet itself.

The first season begins ten years after the Gamma spacecraft landed, when the Mars Settlement Unit (MSU) has established itself well enough that Mars Command on Earth (MCE) has decided to send a 'Second Wave of Settlers' (SWS) to expand the population and increase the base structure, in further expectations of increasing the colony by a more substantial number in another ten years or so.

It is a month off launching the Delta spacecraft that will carry the SWS, and MSU are preparing for the instant doubling of their team. The Second Wave of twenty more people includes teachers and more builders and scientists. A few of the couples in the SWS are bringing young families with them, something that was limited in the original group.

Delta, unlike Gamma that carried the first settlers, is a reusable craft and will return to Earth eventually to be rebuilt and purposed towards the 'Third Wave of Settlers' (TWS). It may also be used for other necessary deliveries of building and living supplies on a regular basis if needed in the meantime, while the MSU is enlarged and more food supplies and manufacturing systems are established.

Constant communication with MCE has been maintained throughout the entire mission via radio and video links, and through MCE with friends and family back on Earth. Some of the settlers have family back on Earth who will join them on Mars on the Delta SWS trip, and others are looking to make family of their own with single settlers amongst the SWS.

The MSU Crew

The Bedworth Family

From England, Commander Oliver Bedworth and his wife, Doctor Lucy Bedworth, are the team leaders of the original Mars Settlement Unit (MSU) and as such, are the only ones who brought children with them. Their two sons were ten and fifteen when they left Earth ten years ago, and are the youngest members of MSU.

Oliver comes from a private British company called Simple Aeronautics, the first British outfit to send people into space; before that he spent several years with the RAF. He also has a degree in chemistry and is the MSU's water and oxygen filtration systems expert.

His wife Lucy is a medical doctor and surgeon who left her high-powered position with a London hospital to travel with her family, knowing they would probably never return from Mars. She is studying the effects of space on growing children, and her own sons were her first study group.

Their sons, James and Charles (known by everyone as Jamie & Charlie), were precocious children studying mathematics and science well above their age levels. They were accepted onto the mission not just as children of the leaders, but because they had valuable skills to offer of their own. Jamie helps in all areas relating to chemistry and biology, while Charlie's expertise is in physics and mathematics.

Jamie's best friends are Terry King and Lily Masterson and together they are known as The Three Musketeers. He has not given any thought to romantic relationships.

Charlie's best friend is Danny Soung, who took him under his wing when they first met. Charlie hopes that the 'Second Wave' of settlers will bring more women to Mars, as he recently got over a teenage crush on Lily when he realized he didn't stand a chance with her, and now wants a real girlfriend of his own closer to his own age.

Pilot Wesley Darlington and Veterinarian Julie Darlington

American Wes Darlington and his Australian wife Julie both had the skills needed for MSU - Wes as a NASA astronaut and Julie as a highly commended biologist and veterinarian.

Wes is third in command after Oliver and Lucy, and has a structural engineering degree. He was in charge of putting together their living module and knows it inside and out. He's also a weapons and explosives expert. He is in charge of MSU security, along with Tané Wilson.

Julie led an Earth-side project on animals in space before marrying Wes, and is in charge of the small menagerie they brought to Mars, including breeding for food. She is the only one who was allowed to bring pets with her and has a dog and several rats; these have helped make up for loss of the children that were forbidden from accompanying her and Wes.

Back on Earth, Wes and Julie's two children, Jessica and Patrick, and are now 21 and 18 respectively, and have lived with their grandparents since their parents left. They have kept in constant communication with their parents via video link, and both have studied hard and qualified for the upcoming Second Wave of settlers that is currently being prepared for.

Stefan and Jasdeep Longridge

Stefan is a European New Zealander and Jasdeep (Jaz) is a British-born Indian. They met in the UK while working on separate food trials for a British conglomerate. They are both experts in hydroponics and alternate growth strategies for plants, and they operate the greenhouse and grow all the fruit and vegetables for MSU.

Jaz is the first pregnant member of MSU and is being closely monitored by Lucy and the medical team.

Flight Engineer Tané Wilson

Tané is one of three New Zealanders on board - a ratio that has always astounded him and made him feel slightly out of place since he felt there were probably others more highly qualified from America who should have been selected for MSU before him.

He is a Maori who spent his formative years in the New Zealand Air Force, and qualified for astronaut training with NASA before being selected for the MSU. Tané overseas the fitness and training schedule for everyone on MSU, and also helped put together the structure they live in.

He and Veronika Yermolova have had an on-again-off-again relationship over the years since being on Mars.

Veronika Yermolova

Veronika is from the Ukraine and speaks four languages. She is a mechanical engineer and can pretty much turn her hand to anything. She is stronger than she looks and speaks her mind more than others would like, but she knows more about the inner workings of the MSU equipment and vehicles than anyone else, therefore is invaluable to the team.

She and Tané have a lot of arguments in between some incredible moments of absolute togetherness; no-one can work out if they are in love or not at any given moment in time.

Communications Officer Zhaleh Turan

Zhaleh is of Middle-Eastern extraction, speaks five languages, and is in charge of communications and IT with assistance from Danny Soung and Terry King.

She has been in a relationship with Robbie Tuluvaki since before leaving Earth, although both maintain they never wanted marriage or children.

Doctor Robbie Tuluvaki

Robbie is a Polynesian New Zealander who met Zhaleh in Iran while on assignment with Red Cross. He is the second doctor to Lucy, and oversees food preparation and nutrition for MSU.

He and Zhaleh are both dedicated to their work, and treat the entire MSU as their family.

Mohan Bhatnagar

Mohan is an Indian geologist and expert in astronomy, and has been working with Stefan on experimental plantings in the Martian soil, in addition to gathering and analyzing rocks and other matter from the planet.

He and Mitch Taylor have been in a relationship for the last four years.

Michelle Taylor

Mitch Taylor is from England originally, has a double degree in chemistry and biology and has been working with Jaz on making textiles out of some of the plants they grow. She designs and makes all of the clothing that replaces anything that was brought with them in the beginning, although most things are long-lasting and hard-wearing. She has made a lot of clothing for Jamie and Charlie in particular as they grew. Mitch also assists Micah Young with preparing food for the team.

She and Mohan are considering marriage and having children together.

David and Daniel Soung

David and Danny are brothers of Korean/English ancestry and sons of the man who put up a good proportion of the money for the MSU, the head of a large Korean corporation with a fascination for space travel. He has always encouraged his sons to make his dreams real.

David is a mechanical engineer and is second to Veronika; Danny speaks three languages and is an expert in IT and communications and is second to Zhaleh.

The brothers enjoy a healthy competition in their mutual interest in Lily Masterson.

Tony Potter

Tony is an orphan from Australia, and has a degree in zoology; he assisted Julie on her project on animals in space and was a natural choice for the MSU as he had no ties that would hold him on Earth.

He has been in a relationship with Micah since shortly after they arrived on Mars.

Micah Young

Micah is from the American South and grew up in his grandmother's kitchen. He was the youngest head chef in his hometown when he came out to his largely religious family and was subsequently disowned.

He moved to Houston with his then-boyfriend who had just graduated with a degree in astronomy and taken a job with NASA. The restaurant Micah worked in there was frequented by several of the team who were setting up the MSU project; he was invited to be chef on the mission after breaking up with his boyfriend, who incidentally was not interested in the Mars project.

He is totally in love with Tony and still can't believe he found his soul-mate in space.

Terrence King

Terry is an Englishman of Jamaican and French extraction who showed an aptitude for IT and all things computer-related from an extremely early age. He was only 19 when he came to Mars, and has proven his worth many times over when computer issues have threatened system failures with the oxygen filters and water recycling facilities at MSU.

He is close friends with Jamie and Lily, and is trying to come to grips with feelings for Jamie that he believes are not returned.

Liliana Masterson

Lily is from San Francisco in the States, qualified as a nurse at the age of 16, and studied chemistry at the same time. She is on Lucy's medical team and also works with Oliver and Mitch when required.

At 28, she is the youngest member of the team other than Jamie and Charlie, and developed a friendship with both Jamie and Terry almost immediately. It's only recently, when everyone assumes she'll pair up with one of them, that she is looking elsewhere for romance, namely one of the Soung brothers, although she can't decide which one she likes best.

Plots for the first three episodes have now been released as follows:

Pilot - Here They Come

Commander Oliver Bedworth is given news of the launch date and expected arrival date of the Delta craft. Wes and Julie Darlington are especially pleased with the news, as their now grown-up children will be joining them on Mars. In other parts of MSU, the news is not so good; Terry King hears that Jamie Bedworth's old school friend, Maggie Latham, is amongst the new settlers and he fears that his close friendship with Jamie will be forever changed.

Episode 2 - Reinventing the Wheel

Just as the Delta craft is launched, there is a major problem with the water recycling and filtration plant on MSU. Commander Bedworth has to decide between ensuring the greenhouse plants have enough water to sustain the full harvest to help feed the new settlers when they arrive in three months, or to severely cut back the water rations for the MSU crew until repairs are completed - and a part needed for it will not be available until the Delta arrives.

Episode 3 - Spontaneous Combustion

Tané Wilson and Veronika Yermolova have another major falling-out, and this time it involves more than just living arrangements and using sex as a weapon. David Soung gets caught up in the cross-fire when Tané overhears something he shouldn't.

More news about this exciting new show will be coming soon...
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