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Work what you've got!

Or rather, what I've got.

tkeylasunset was fully expecting to host this weekend, but the weather in the world, being what it is, has left the delightful T without internet. OH THE HORROR! *shudder* So I'm here pinch hitting, and we'll be using the things around me.

Now, give me a type and a number and I shall pull your prompt accordingly:

B for Book, I'll count out my books until I get to your number (let's keep it under 200), if you'd like to give me a page number as well, I will scour the page and give you a line, or I'll just find a random quote that I loved in the book.

M for Movie, pick a number (under 100), I'll count it out, just let me know if you want a title or a quote.

R for Random object, just give me a number and I'll wander around counting!

S for Song, pick a number and I'll random through my player, just let me know if you want a title or a lyric.

T for Tarot, pick a number, I'll shuffle and count to your card!

100 word for each prompt you get and rewards will be handled as best as I can manage!

Keep your finger's crossed for T's interwebs and HIT ME!
Tags: weekend: challenge
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