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Easter Weekend Challenge

Hey guys I am so sorry this is a little late!
Anyways it is my WEEKEND CHALLENGE this week so yay.

I got this idea from an activity I ran with my Brownies (if you don't know about Brownies then it is a youth club for 7 - 10 year old girls) and I thought it would be run to see where you guys took it.

I have a list of Easter based 'journal' prompts. They vary from asking you why we do certain things at Easter to your experiences at Easter. You can take them anyway you want, I am really intrigued as to what comes of this.

As I am a bit late and it is an Bank Holiday. You will have until midnight GMT on MONDAY to complete the challenge. There is no word count or icon count to fulfill.

I will be doing written rewards (see my list on the Rewards Offered page for what i write) while viirivehka and angelus2hot will be spliting any graphic rewards anyone may desire.

So to take part sent me a number between 1 - 40. If you do not like your prompt then just ask and I will send another :)

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