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I'm awesome! You're awesome! WE'RE ALL SO FREAKING AWESOME!!! And on Wednesday we get to slightly quantify that awesome! I can't wait! So, again, remember to update your numbers before I get up on Wednesday!

That said, I wanted to have a conversation about fan fiction, and what it means to each of us, and why we do it (those of us who do it).

I had an hour long text conversation with my father about fan fic yesterday that stemmed from why I won't watch or read Outlander, Easter dinner will be interesting this year. The jist of what I said was that I write fan fic to practice writing, to learn, to get feedback, and to learn more. I also do it because I know Steve and Danny will never kiss on H50, but I didn't want to have THAT conversation with my father via text (again, Easter dinner will be interesting). I look at some of the things that I wrote before I was writing fan fic, and sure old things tend to make me cringe anyway, but I feel that it helps me with plotting, with dialog, with what I like to see and what is well received. Not so much catering to an audience, but seeing how what I say is taken.

So, why do you fan fic? What do you get out of it? What do you put into it? Where do you hope to go with it?
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