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Word of the Day 03/24/15 Fulminate

Fulminate (verb, noun)
fulminate [fuhl-muh-neyt]

verb (used without object), fulminated, fulminating.
1. to explode with a loud noise; detonate.
2. to issue denunciations or the like (usually followed by against): The minister fulminated against legalized vice.

verb (used with object), fulminated, fulminating.
3. to cause to explode.
4. to issue or pronounce with vehement denunciation, condemnation, or the like.

5. one of a group of unstable, explosive compounds derived from fulminic acid, especially the mercury salt of fulminic acid, which is a powerful detonating agent.

Origin: 1375-1425; late Middle English fulminaten < Latin fulminātus (past participle of fulmināre) thundered, equivalent to fulmin- (stem of fulmen) thunderbolt, lightning + -ātus -ate

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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