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Weekend Challenge: Cabin Pressure quotes A-H

Hello, hello! This is penombrelilas, once again confusing you by posting with their alternate LJ account.

Time for the Weekend Challenge!

This week: Cabin Pressure prompts!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to visit this homepage and press the button labelled "Do Not Push" (so incredibly original, I know!)

The prompt generator will give you a prompt that you are free to interpret however you like. You don't have to take them literally (if you know Cabin Pressure, you'll also know most of the prompts will have been sarcastically spoken) and you can exchange pronouns or place name to whatever fits your requirements.

Written/sketched rewards will be taken care of by me, icons by neurotoxia.

If you want to, you can leave the prompts you got in a comment, so you don't lose them.

you are revoltingly chipper for half six in the morning (Teen Wolf) by elasticella
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