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Farewell to Thursday Tropes!


Can you smell it in the air? Spring? Fall? Whichever is winging your way, the change of seasons means we bid farewell for 2015 to Thursday Tropes. And wow what a season it had! More on that in a moment, but first our final trope. I thought I'd go with one that is in the spirit of an old saying around here: Go big or go home!

Your Thursday Trope: An Act of True Love

To paraphrase TV Tropes: The Act Of True Love proves beyond doubt a character is ready to put their loved one's interests before their own, that they are truly loyal and devoted to them. Usually this involves a sacrifice, at the very least a considerable effort and/or a great risk. The action must not be about morals or principle or expectation of future reward, but done out of sheer personal affection.

Good luck, hope it brings you words!

Last year it seemed like Tropes got the least love of our seasonal prompts, but this time it did so well - check out the tag if you're looking for some reading tonight, and peruse all the wonderful fics from ncisvu_lj , heffermonkey , helsinkibaby , crookedspoon , asphaltcowgrrl

And a huge shout out to agdhani , who not only tore through the Tropes but also made words out of several of our other seasonal prompts! It was a tour de force.  :)

Check back on March 23rd for the start of our next set of seasonal prompts: Rainy Day and Mondays!
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