kaige68 (kaige68) wrote in 1_million_words,

If I had a dollar for every drabble or icon...

I could go to Hawaii right now! But I'd also be pushing you all a lot more, were I making money from this.

But when you consider that it's all for free and fun... YOU ALL KICK MAJOR BUTT!!! Have you see how well this month's challenge is going? Did you see how excellent the weekend challenge went? Have you seen the fabulous works that simplyn2deep has been posting?

This has been such a fantastic week! I seriously cannot wait to count things at the end of the month! I'm all asquee and we still have 22 days! What do you think we can do in 22 days?

So what are your big plans for this upcoming week? Personally, I'm still swamped at work so being once I get home it's like a lovely coma full of reading your drabble/icon responses. That's my awesome this week? What's yours?
Tags: monday: accolades

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