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Bingo: time to talk about rewards!

Bingo brought great things for February with so many creations! I am thrilled and really proud of you guys for all the work you put in! We had 21 participants, with almost 150 creations. I'm not sure what the final word total is, but as each square was at least an icon or a 100-word drabble, that means we're looking at around 15,000 words at least!

Next, I have to work on your rewards, and am only sorry I haven't had a chance to start them yet. That's this weekend's challenge for me and erinm_4600, who's helping me with banners (as long as she has time this week! I'll be in touch, Erin.) ;-)

BLACKOUT (Reward: a personalised completion banner and a personalised completion icon)

asphaltcowgrrl: Hurt/Comfort 2
agdhani: Hurt/Comfort 2
imera: Hurt/Comfort 3
angelus2hot: Love 1
thtwzjustadream: Love 1
helsinkibaby: Love 3
mierke: Meet & Greet 2
guineamania: Vacation 3
and not one but TWO blackouts for scraplove:
Vacation 3 and Vacation 7

CROSS/BELLY BUTTON (Reward: a personalised participation banner and a plain Bingo icon)

lasairfhiona: Hurt/Comfort 3
scribble_myname: Hurt/Comfort 3
penombrelilas (crookedspoon): Innuendo/Suggestive Maxi

MINI-BLACKOUT (Reward: a personalised completion banner)

elasticella: Innuendo/Suggestive Mini 1
swan_secrets: Innuendo/Suggestive Mini 2
hanorganaas: Innuendo/Suggestive Mini 2
angelus2hot: Love Mini
helsinkibaby: Love Mini
and TWO mini-blackouts for simplyn2deep:
Hurt/Comfort Mini and Everyday Places Mini

LINE (Reward: a personalised participation icon and a plain Bingo icon)

heffermonkey: Hurt/Comfort 2
_eyesofpride_: Innuendo/Suggestive 3
scribble_myname: Love 1
sagaluthien: Meet & Greet 3
peppermint_wow: Everyday Places 4
and I even managed a line myself! (no reward needed; you guys gave me one already by producing all these words!)
haldoor: Vacation 5

Now, if I've missed anyone or got anything wrong, let me know in comments! Otherwise, sit back, pat yourselves on the back, and wait for your rewards! I'll be looking at something extra special for those of you who managed something for more than one card, by the way! ;-)

Everyone else, please dip into the links and check out the creators' fic & graphics - there's some wonderful work out there in all sorts of fandoms, as well as original work!

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