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Weekend Challenge Schedule 2015

Hey everyone! Hello! I know, I have been very slack at getting this year's schedule for our weekend challenges organised, but I finally found time to look at it and get everything coded!

The volunteers should know who they are, and if anyone else is really keen to take on a weekend of their own, comment here and I'll add you in as back-up, which means I may come to you if anyone is unable to do a challenge on a weekend when they're scheduled to do so.

First, here are the names and colours I have given you (let me know if you'd rather I used another short form for you and I'll change it!):
thtwzjustadream = DREAMY
penombrelilas = PENOM
tkeylasunset = TKEYLA
haldoor = HALDOOR
hanorganaas = LADY
flipflop_diva = DIVA
sharpiesgal = SHARPIE
guineamania = GUINEA
simplyn2deep = LIZ

BACK-UP:erinm_4600 = ERIN & elasticella = ELLA: Erin & Ella will be our stand-ins if for some reason someone can't manage their weekend. Thanks, ladies!

These are your assignments:

Week - Dates (Fri to Sun) - Name

1. 13-Mar-15 to 15-Mar-15 - LADY
2. 20-Mar-15 to 22-Mar-15 - PENOM
3. 27-Mar-15 to 29-Mar-15 - SHARPIE
4. 3-Apr-15 to 5-Apr-15 - GUINEA
5. 10-Apr-15 to 12-Apr-15 - TKEYLA KAIGE
6. 17-Apr-15 to 19-Apr-15 - DREAMY ERIN
7. 24-Apr-15 to 26-Apr-15 - DIVA
8. 1-May-15 to 3-May-15 - HALDOOR
9. 8-May-15 to 10-May-15 - LADY HALDOOR
10. 15-May-15 to 17-May-15 - SHARPIE ELLA
11. 22-May-15 to 24-May-15 - TKEYLA
12. 29-May-15 to 31-May-15 - DREAMY
13. 5-Jun-15 to 7-Jun-15 - DIVA HALDOOR
14. 12-Jun-15 to 14-Jun-15 - PENOM
15. 19-Jun-15 to 21-Jun-15 - HALDOOR DIVA
16. 26-Jun-15 to 28-Jun-15 - LADY
17. 3-Jul-15 to 5-Jul-15 - SHARPIE
18. 10-Jul-15 to 12-Jul-15 - TKEYLA
19. 17-Jul-15 to 19-Jul-15 - DREAMY
20. 24-Jul-15 to 26-Jul-15 - DIVA
21. 31-Jul-15 to 2-Aug-15 - PENOM
22. 7-Aug-15 to 9-Aug-15 - HALDOOR
23. 14-Aug-15 to 16-Aug-15 - GUINEA
24. 21-Aug-15 to 23-Aug-15 - LADY HALDOOR
25. 28-Aug-15 to 30-Aug-15 - SHARPIE
26. 4-Sep-15 to 6-Sep-15 - TKEYLA
27. 11-Sep-15 to 13-Sep-15 - DREAMY
28. 18-Sep-15 to 20-Sep-15 - DIVA
29. 25-Sep-15 to 27-Sep-15 - PENOM ELLA
30. 2-Oct-15 to 4-Oct-15 - GUINEA
31. 9-Oct-15 to 11-Oct-15 - HALDOOR
32. 16-Oct-14 to 18-Oct-14 - LIZ
33. 23-Oct-15 to 25-Oct-15 - LADY
34. 30-Oct-15 to 01-Nov-15 - SHARPIE
35. 6-Nov-15 to 8-Nov-15 - TKEYLA
36. 13-Nov-15 to 15-Nov-15 - DREAMY
37. 20-Nov-15 to 22-Nov-15 - DIVA
38. 27-Nov-15 to 29-Nov-15 - PENOM ERIN
39. 4-Dec-15 to 6-Dec-15 - GUINEA
40. 11-Dec-15 to 13-Dec-15 - ERIN
41. 18-Dec-15 to 20-Dec-15 - ELLA
42.25-Dec-15 to 27-Dec-15 - HALDOOR

If anything I have assigned to you is not going to work, please let me know as soon as possible and I'll either swap with you or organise someone to fill in. I will remind you the Wednesday or Thursday before your weekend comes up, but if you could note down your dates and put them in your calendar that would really help! And I have linked this in the 'Weekend Challenge Schedule' link in the list at the top left on the main comm page should you need to check anything later.

You're free to do whatever you want for your weekend challenge - I'm fairly sure most of you know how they work by now - and offer whatever rewards you'd like. If you need help with the rewards, check out the rewards link and/or ask any of your friends in the comm for help. If you're stuck, I'm always happy to chip in with drabbles or icons!

Thank you all again for agreeing to help with this - you are all awesome!

And... if you have any questions, ask away! ;-)
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