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Thursday Trope: Post-Kiss Catatonia


Time to get tropey - here's your Thursday prompt of love...

Post-Kiss Catatonia

To quote our friends at TV Tropes:

"You think True Love's Kiss is impressive? Hah, all that kiss can do is wake someone up. The most powerful kiss does the opposite: sending a person into a stiff, rigid, frozen state of shock, unable to move, talk, comprehend their surroundings, or remember their own name. Kiss-induced shock .... can last anywhere from 24 seconds to 24 hours after the kiss, during which time they can expect to see lots of imaginary fireworks. An accidental kiss or first kiss will only exacerbate the symptoms. This affliction overwhelmingly favors males."

Give us a fic where a kiss takes someone by surprise and leaves 'em floating in the ozone. Maybe their friends sussed out what's up and are giving him friendly grief for it. Or maybe they missed the development and aren't sure why they're having to make frantic hand gestures to get his attention.

Whatever the scenario, give us some 'just kissed and very dazed!'

Good luck and happy weekend ahead!

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