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Would you want to give some influence?

I hope you know or remember that I've created a town for some original stories - world. The one called Donbury. (donbury_fic )  Now I have a few things that I very much would want your help to suggest a few names on things located in and around the town. It shall more lie inland than beside the sea/ocean.

The names can sound British, Welch, Sottish, Irish or Skandinavian.

The main name/families are Llewelyn, Gweledydd, Marwood, Winfield, Mayfair, Lewis,
Some of the streets has name as Dartmoor Road, Spring street, Sun Lane, Moon road

1. Name on a lake, bathing place/beach.
Here I'm sure it can't be ended on moor, marsh or swamp. I probably want to avoid to call it Donbury lake
Names I written down is; green, snake, Frog, Wingcer, Morlow, leather, up, down; which can end with lake, pond, creek, cove, gulf or bay
Places that would sort of be familar to me, as of translated would be ; Lakes; super (great) lake (or 'naughty' cock lake), down lake, "town name" lake
Bathing places: Little sand, big sand, Down river, apple bay

2. This might be little tricky
I want to have name on places where youth can meet/hang out, that isn't a cafe or restaurant (or at home to anyone). It can be so you get there with bicycle, motorcycle or cars..

I'm up for all kind off suggestions, and then we see what I use (or maybe it get them all if there is a few suggestions)
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