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Birthday! Severina2001

Hi guys, and yes, I know I'm slipping - I meant to get this up earlier on my Monday afternoon to give you all time to create things for our birthday person, but my son was using the laptop when I got home from work and well, yeah. Anyway, everyone, please join me in wishing the lovely severina2001 a very...


Post or link your gifts here, everyone! And Severina, Please track this post to see your gifts as they arrive! I hope you have the happiest of days! *hugs*

 photo severina2001-bday-once upon a time_zps1lplk0ot.jpg

I also had a little extra time enough to make this sigtag, which I hope works okay for you:

 photo severina2001-sigtag_zpsgo4pzalv.jpg
(let me know if anything needs changing!)

Severina's wishlist one more time!

And thanks again to all the wonderful Bingo challengers - I hope to get them all listed out in the next day or two and then start working on rewards. If you offered help to make the graphics rewards cold you please e-mail or PM me to let me know what you're prepared to help with (see list of rewards offered here! Thanks! ;-)
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