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March Birthdays!

Now I know this is getting late as we have a birthday on the 2nd, so firstly I would very much like to apologise to severina2001 for being slow to get this month's info up.

Next, I would ask that anyone watching who has a free bit of creative time, please consider making something for our two March members taking part in the birthday challenge, as not very many people have chosen them in advance for gift-giving! Please be generous if you can!

Firstly, we have severina2001 with a birthday on the 2nd! Yay! I'll be putting up a gift post for her tomorrow so you can all link or attach any gifts you have for Severina there! In the meantime, go here to see Severina's wishlist!

And our second March birthday belongs to dalwriter and it is on the 20th! Dal's wishlist is here!

And if you have only recently joined the comm and want to be involved with birthday gift-giving (and/or receiving!) go here for all the info about it and to sign up for presents! There's a link in it to a post where you comment to say who you'll try to make something for this year. Don't be shy!

And for all of our members who've been around longer, please go check who's on the birthday list again - maybe there's someone new you'd like to give a gift to? THANKS!
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