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Bingo: Blackout


Title: Calling In The Dark
Rating: R
Words: 2920 words
Fandom: Teen Wolf/Werewolf: The beast amongst us
Characters: Lydia Martin/Stefan, Peter Hale
Summary: It seemed things would never be easy for her, even her accident wasn't normal, neither the man who helped her.
AN: A crossover between the two fandoms.

Lydia sat in her bedroom one fine Friday evening, staring at her reflection in the mirror, her mind drifting away to a happy place. Things hadn’t been easy since the death of Alison, even though almost a year passed. Her powers didn’t stop after the painful episode, and she continued to find dead bodies, her mind constantly breaking down until she wondered if the best was to sign into a lunatic asylum and stay there until her life ended.

Her mind was brought back to reality as her finger ached. It was a papercut, which she got from her diary, the journal which she thought could help her clear her mind. It hadn’t helped, but she found some kind of peace by writing things down, things she couldn’t tell her mother, things she didn’t want to tell her friends, and things she wanted to forget. Staring at the blood forming on the papercut she waited, watching it grow until a drop fell down on her journal. Her mind must have drifted again as she could have swore she saw a face in the blood, the face of a man with dark hair and dark eyes, and a smile which almost mocked her. Blinking once she realised there was no face there, it was simply a drop of blood, however, looking at her reflection again she jumped as she saw the same man standing behind her, smiling casually at her. Once again blinking once seemed to do the trick and he was gone, leaving her short of breath and with a headache.

After her breath had calmed enough for her to continue her makeup routine she finished in front of the mirror and went to find a dress to wear at the party, the party she didn't want to go to but knew she had to show up to if she wanted back her popularity.

Once she decided on the dress, a black flowery dress with beaded details, she looked for matching jewelry and shoes. Pleased with her looks she smiled and picked up her purse, then skipped out of her room down to the car, ready to get her life back on track.

The drive to the party was ten minutes, but even with the short drive she should have known trouble still found her. Not even two minutes after she got into the car did destiny decide to fuck with her, but in a worse way than it normally did.

Looking into the rear view window she was shocked to see him again, the man in the drop of blood, and the mirror at home. He was still smiling, his eyes burning deep into her mind, sending warm shivers all over her body. That wasn’t all it did. Almost as if seeing him again triggered something her vision faded, the darkness swallowing everything. Her heart beat harder as she was still driving, but before she could hit the breaks her car drove off the road, and all she could do was scream before the car crashed.

She must have passed out because the next thing she remembered was waking up, her eyes burning and her chest aching. It took her a moment to notice that the car was filled with smoke, and slightly longer before she realised her sight was back, but the thick smoke made it impossible to see much. Instantly survival instinct took over and she reached for the seat belt, once she was free she tugged at the door handle, welcoming the fresh air that entered the car once it opened. Just as she kicked herself out of the car she screamed as an intense pain rushed from her right ankle, the pain far more extreme than when when she was almost killed by Peter.

She hoped it was a fracture and not a broken bone, but judging by the pain it was not something which would pass in a few days. Dark smoke rushed in front of her face and all she could think about was escaping.

It wasn’t easy getting out without moving her ankle too much, but somehow she made it, and then as quickly as possible she dragged her body up the slope up to the road. The pain in her ankle shot through her body but she didn’t stop to tend to it as she believed she saw lights far away in the forest moving towards her. Even if she did have time to bind her ankle there was nothing she could use, especially as her dress was too short to rip apart and use as bandages.

Lydia was half way up the hill when she remembered her phone, somehow forgetting all about it as she tried to escape the smoke, and then saw the lights. She knew that if the strangers didn’t see her then she would have to return to the car and get her phone, as the road she was on wasn’t used that often. She knew that as long as she didn’t breathe in too much of the smoke it would be safe to return to her car, as it wouldn’t blow up as in those Hollywood movies.

Not knowing how long it would be before the stranger would drive past her she tried to move faster, her chest hurting from where the airbag hit her, and her neck ached as well from how it was thrown back and forth. Her legs were dirty as she was dragging herself up the muddy path, her arms hurting as she wasn’t used to carrying her weight. All Lydia wanted was to lie down and close her eyes, but she couldn’t give up yet.

The lights weren’t that far away, but she was even further, and feared that whoever it was they would drive past as she hadn’t reached the top of the slope. Not wanting to give up just yet she shouted on top of her lungs and waved her arms, hoping the stranger would see her.

It had to be her lucky day as the car, even though its engine was loud, and she imagined she was too far down to be seen, stopped not far from her. She continued to call for help, just in case he saw nothing and imagined he was simply seeing things and decided to drive away. She could hear his shoes moving towards her, and she breathed heavy as she tried to hold back tears of happiness.

If it was daytime she would have seen his face clear as he first came into view, but it wasn’t, so she didn’t see anything strange before he was standing barely two feet from her. He looked nice, his hair well kept, his facial hair well trimmed, and a smile which had haunted him several times that very night. It was him, the man from the drop of blood, and from the mirrors, the man she kept seeing everywhere, even a second before she lost her vision and drove off the road. Her instincts told her to run away, or crawl as running was out of the option, but her mind held her there.

“What is a pretty girl like you doing in the dirt in the middle of the night?” he asked charmingly.

She didn’t want to tell him exactly what happened so she lied. “There was a deer, and I drove off the road and hit the tree, my ankle might be broken,” she squeaked, cringing as she realised just how scared she sounded. She was scared, of course, as meeting someone who haunted her visions could surely not be a good thing, especially not with her powers.

“I see that,” he said and stared at the car, his eyes sparkling as he turned his gaze back at her. “Now, I’m sure you’re dying to get out of here, deers are not the only thing lurking in this forest, trying to scare young and beautiful girls at night.” She didn’t like the way he spoke, but as she needed his help she couldn’t be that rude.

“Will you please take me to the emergency room?”

If she wasn’t nervous about who he was she might have found him charming, but knowing there was some connection between him and her visions, she chose not to trust him at all. He sat down next to her, taking her hand in his, kissing it like a man would have decades ago. Even though she wasn’t used to that kind of treatment she still thought it was strangely nice.

“It would be my honor, not every day a man can save a maiden.” Lydia smiled in reply, a short smile which she wasn’t sure he saw, but she wasn’t in a mood to pretend to be nice to a stranger.

Once the kiss ended he wrapped her arm around his neck and put one of his arms around her back, and the other under her knees, lifting her up into his arms like she weighed nothing. Lydia couldn’t help gasping slightly and moving her other arm around his neck, just to be sure she wouldn’t fall down.

“Now, where were you going so late in the evening, dressed like this?” Looking down she realised her dress had slipped up, revealing more of her than she wanted him to see.

“I was going to a party.”

“Ah, the wonderful nightlife of young people, drinking, dancing and fucking.” She was startled by his choice of words and decided to be silent, not knowing what he was capable of.

As she held on to him she couldn’t shake off the feeling of something dark, something familiar even though she didn’t know what.

Her thoughts were cut off as he reached the car, helping her get into the passenger seat. Once the door closed on her side he moved around the car and got into the drivers seat. “I forgot my purse in my car, could you get it for me if it wouldn’t be too much trouble?” It seemed like he wanted to refuse, but changed his mind and smiled.

“Of course, anything for a pretty girl like you.”

She watched him as he moved towards the edge of the road, slowly walking down the slope. Once she was certain he wouldn’t see her she opened the glove compartment, not because she was trying to figure out who he was, even though that was a mystery itself, but because something inside her said she needed to. There wasn’t much in the glove compartment, but she did see one interesting thing, a small gun. Stealing would be wrong, but she didn’t want to end up dead because she took no precautions.

Making sure it was loaded she hid the gun under her thigh and tried to act as normal as possible when he returned. As soon as he closed the door of his side he handed her the purse, but before he let go of it he smiled wickedly and introduced himself. “I’m Stefan, by the way.”

Not wanting to seem too rude she gave him her name. “Lydia, that is a pretty name, fits such a pretty girl.” She noticed his lingering gaze, and while she would normally welcome it, there was something wrong that time.

He started the car and drove back to the city, the radio was on, playing some old rock music Lydia didn’t recognise. The music was the last thing on her mind right then as she felt the cold metal of the gun press into her thigh, probably leaving a mark. She pulled out her phone, no messages, not that she expected any as nobody knew what happened.

“There is something special with you,” Stefan said a minute later. Lydia watched him, not certain what to think, surely he wouldn’t know about her powers.

“What do you mean?” He looked at her, his gaze sending a shiver through her body.

“You’re special.” Lydia struggled to sit still as the shiver increased, she didn’t know why, but she felt uneasy around him.

“I don’t know what you mean, I’m not that special.” Her mind went back to when he mentioned the dark things in the forest, and she wondered if he knew about the supernatural, and if he was one. Her hand moved down to the gun, hoping he didn’t notice.

They weren’t far from the city when he stopped the car, but in her condition she couldn’t even get out of the car. “Why have you stopped?”

“There is something special with you, and you’re going to tell me what.”

“I said, there is nothing special with me.” He didn’t believe her, it was obvious by the looks on him.

“Do you think I’m a fool? You pulled me out there tonight, you made me stop, you called on me as if you were right next to me.” Lydia had never done anything to call upon someone, but based on everything freaky which happens to her she knew there was a chance she could have done it.

“I don’t know…” Her denial was cut short as Stefan moved over to her, grabbing her jaw with his hand, his fingers pressing deep into her flesh. She wanted to scream but doubted anyone would hear her.

“Tell me,” he said, pulling her slightly closer. She wondered what he would do to her if she refused to tell him, and then she wondered what he would do if he knew what she was. “Tell me and I might spare your life, I am in no mood to play tricks with a little girl.”

“I am not a little girl,” Lydia growled back. He laughed, making her feel as powerless as she always felt, except that she had a gun, and she would use it if needed.

“I can see you’re not little, or as innocent as young girls once used to be.” She could feel the other hand move up her waist, stopping beneath her breast. “Girls these are no angels, but there is still something different about you. You make me feel, something, I don’t know what, but it’s different. So tell me, little devil, what are you?”

She shook her head, or tried to as he was holding her jaw tightly between his fingers. While he teased her she made sure to grab the gun correctly, so it would be easier and faster to shoot him if needed. A thumb caressed her breast, and his lips were moving closer to hers. That was when she noticed it, fangs. Her mind screamed werewolf but for some reason she knew that wasn’t right.

Anyone who didn’t know about beasts existing would think Stefan was going to kiss them, but having experienced sharp teeth before she decided not to take a chance and shot him. She could see he had not expected anything like that, and for a brief moment she believed she had succeeded and could escape whatever he was, but then he laughed. The little hope she had was killed at that moment, and she wondered if he was going to kill her.

“Aren’t you adorable,” he said mockingly and pulled her into a hard kiss. Lydia tried to pull away but he was too strong for her. She wondered if she missed him the first time, and if she should try a second shot, but decided against it as she knew he would get angry if she did shoot him again. Whatever he was, a bullet was not enough to stop him.

It turned out she didn’t need a bullet as glass broke and Stefan was pulled away, unfortunately his nails were pressed against her face and left burning wounds. She didn’t know what happened, but she didn’t care as long as Stefan was done.

Opening the door she crawled her way out, wondering if she could make it to the city before anyone discovered her. She didn’t get far, it was rather pathetic the way she struggled to get away, while trying to cover herself with the short skirt which kept moving up her body.

The forest echoed with unnatural animalistic sounds, some frightening her so much she wondered if hell opened up and released its worst creatures. She didn’t know how long it continued, only that when it stopped she became nervous, not certain what would happen next.

Someone was walking towards her, and being unable to run she pulled out the gun, hoping that whoever it was it could be killed.

To her shock the stranger was Peter Hale, but even though she knew him, sort of, she wouldn’t put down the gun.

“What happened, why are you here, is Stefan dead?”

“All those questions, can’t you wait until we’re somewhere more safe?” Suddenly she wished he was more like Stefan, not rudely rejecting her perfectly normal questions. Reaching her he told Lydia he would take her to the emergency room, and that once she was safe she would stop calling him. That was the second time that evening that she was being accused of calling for someone, which meant that either she did something she wasn’t aware of, or her powers were evolving, but there was no link between Stefan and Peter, not as she knew at least.

Her questions had to wait until later, when she could think without fearing for her life. She held on tightly as Peter took her to his car, which wasn’t far away, and then to the emergency room before he left.
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