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Weekend Challenge: TV title inspiration!

Hey everyone! Sorry this is late (I'm traveling for work this week), but the good news is you don't have to wait for me to get started!

For this weekend's challenge, you are going to click on this link, which will lead you to a generator. There, you will press the button that says 'Click me' and you will get three prompts. Each prompt is the name of an episode of Friends, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Grey's Anatomy.

You might want to screencap your prompts or write them down so you don't forget. Then use those prompts to inspire some magic.

(For some reason, the prompts are coming up without commas separating them, but hopefully you can figure out which prompt is which. I think you should be able to.)

If you write at least 200 words or make at least 2 icons and link them back here before 10p Central Time on Monday (don't forget to tell us what prompt you used!), I will reward you with either a short fic or icons (or sigtags if you would rather have those for any of your comms).

You don't need to comment to tell me you are attempting this, although if you'd like to and want to share your prompts, I'd love to know that/see them!

Good luck! And have fun!

Finished fics
Fifty Shades of Need by angelus2hot
The One With the Stoned Guy by asphaltcowgrrl
Care of a Killer by _eyesofpride_
I only have eyes for you, The one where everybody finds out and From a whisper to a scream by helsinkibaby
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