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Fic - This Is the Night (the Vampire diaries)

This is not a bingo story, I'm still working on them and if lucky I got a line. The thing is that I been very bad or have had very hard to get anything written so Im very happy to have manged to get this story written from a previous weekend challange. I did post a link to an unbetad version at the time, but here is the betad one - Thank very much for it my beta.

Posted and linked to my story journal sagas_stories

Titel: This Is the Night
Author: sagaluthien
Fandom, Character: The Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore/Jeremy Gilbert
Rating, warning: NC-17, AU from season 4, turning
Word count: 1329
Beta: haldoor
Author's note: this was written for 1_million_words weekend challenge (13-15 Feb 2015) where I received the poem To Helen by Edgar Allen Poe from the number 6. (For the full poem, see the end). Title taken from the Samantha Fox song Touch Me.

Summary: Jeremy has decided what he want, and this is the night.
Tags: weekend: challenge

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