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bingo blackout

And my graphics card!

Vacation-3-extravaganza1 photo vacation-3-extravaganza_1_zpsx2e8iwti.png

Too many to post on my journal, so I will link directly to photobucket! Here is my Europe trip graphics album. The first two are for the picture prompt, and there are sub albums for each location. The only locations I've finished graphic-ing are Inisheer and Dublin, the rest are still works in progress :) Primarily icons, with some banners and one wallpaper. All graphics made from my own photos taken on location. Here are the numbers!

Inisheer: 86 icons, banners, wallpaper
Salzburg: 2 icons
Florence: 2 icons
Rome: 2 icons
image: 2 icons
Venice: 2 icons
Vienna: 60 icons, banners
Istanbul: 1 banner
Dublin: 300 icons, banners
Tags: challenge: bingo

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