ThatWasJustaDream (thtwzjustadream) wrote in 1_million_words,

Thursday Trope


Gotta keep it short and sweet this week, but hope you'll find some inspiration in our Thursday Trope, which is...

Exiled to the Couch

It's a staple of TV shows and the occasional movie: The sparring couple, the snit-fest that gets under someone's skin and the significant other relegated to the sofa for the night with one pillow and an insufficient blanket, usually.

Write us a fic with the couch surfer ruminating - Fuming? Sorry? A little amazed how comfy their couch turns out to be?

Whether they decide to brave the stairs and reclaim their side of the mattress or hear footsteps coming to invite them home, give us a fic with a happy resolution and an end to the exile.

Good luck, and happy Thursday!
Tags: challenge: thursday tropes
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