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February Bingo - Blackout

These are the 9 fics I wrote for the Love 3 Bingo Card - all at AO3.

prompt: three little words - Leverage
Arrow, Diggle/Felicity, 729 words

Prompt : the first time - First Times
The Flash, Joe/Caitlin, 1174 words

Prompt: be my valentine - A Valentine's Surprise
Arrow, Diggle/Felicity, 747 words

Prompt: make up sex - fight on, fight on
Sleepy Hollow, Frank/Jenny, 635 words

Prompt: so this is love? - never do nothing nice and easy
Sleepy Hollow, Frank/Jenny, Abbie & Jenny, 865 words

Prompt: bedroom eyes - puttin' on those bedroom eyes
The Flash, Joe/Caitlin, 833 words

Prompt: selfishness - the other side of the coin
The Flash, Joe/Caitlin, 624 words

prompt: I'd do anything for you - Home (The Place Where I Belong)
Law & Order, Cyrus/Connie, 1082 words

Prompt: gifts - One of Three
The Flash, Joe/Caitlin, Iris,   1072 words
Tags: challenge: bingo, creation: fic
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