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Thursday Tropes: Power of Love


Running a bit late this week, sorry! Here's your Thursday Trope!

The Power of Love

This is an especially favorite trope of us Destiel trash, used heavily in the scene where Castiel has been brainwashed (with a lot of pressure from Heaven's upper management and a thousand fake Deans) to murder   his beloved  his friend but he can't, can he? Because...why? Neither of them can quite figure out why, because ..... they're clueless.  But we know: The Power of Love will overcome all the brainwashing on heaven and earth.

This week your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write us a ficlet where the power of love reins supreme. Need a little more inspiration? TV Tropes says:

"Common applications of The Power Of Love include activating an Empathic Weapon, freeing a loved one from mind control, strengthening a loved one, and converting a Real Death into a Disney Death. Even when the power of love is not literally and directly responsible, the scene is often set such that the audience is left with the impression that it (the power of love) was 'really responsible' (for saving the day)."

So put your darlings in danger, and let the Power of Love help one of them save the other.

Good luck, happy writing and happy weekend ahead!!!!!!!

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