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Monday and a flash challenge!

I know that I owe all kinds of reading and comments, as well as a big thank you to H for posting last week. I'm still not caught up, but it has been a pleasant weekend of being snowed in and some mentally therapeutic knitting. Not much for the word count, but I feel mentally better able to handle the upcoming work week and more snow that's headed this way. It's just another 4 inches tomorrow, the weather people are saying it's nothing. *headdesk*

However - Dreamy got us mentioned over at AO3's International FanFiction day! I'm so proud! How did you all do? Even Eggs was excited! And we had a fantastic weekend challenge! AND ALL THE GOOD THINGS!!!

Now how are you all going to top that this week?

Well let me give you a hand!

flash challenge photo flash_zpsebdc6890.png

It's Presidents' Day to me so I give you the prompt of: Large and in charge!

Give us an icon or 100 written words or ... anything at all that's big or in control!

Happy Monday!
Tags: challenge: flash!, monday: accolades
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