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Our Comm got a mention on AO3's International Fandom Day Page!!

How cool!  I'm bouncing on my couch with happiness - just read the article you may have noticed in the big red banner at the top of AO3 announcing that their first International Fandom Day is here. In it, they reference several group encouraging members to post to their Drabble Challenge - and they gave a nod to us, the 1_Million_Words comm on LJ!

How awesome is that?

I ended up writing 10 McDanno drabbles for the challenge - so, 1,000 words toward my total for February.

Also offering up works so far have been   fairyniamh and penombrelilas - and there's still time to join in, as February 15th is still young (or not quite here, as the case may be).  Just post your drabble to AO3 and use the International Fanworks Day 2015 and 1_million_words tags so we can see your ficlets!
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